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Auctioneers to the Government, The High Court and other, Public and Private enterprises, Insurance Companies, Banks and Nidhi companies.

This link takes you to the Industrial Disposal page.
Sale by auctions & tenders, of Plant & Machinery, Vehicles, Process & Maintenance Scrap, Unused Spares & Stock, Unclaimed Air & Surface transport cargo for Commercial enterprises, Industrial establishments, Public sector departments & Private sector companies, Sales conducted at the premises of the principals, Sunday weekly holiday.

PHONE  : +91 (44) 2534-5201,               +91(44)2534-5202
FAX : +91 (44) 2535-9083
Email :
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Auction sale of Antiques, Consumer durables, Home appliances, Office equipments, Residential / Office furniture, Paintings, Bronzes, Crockery, Cutlery, Collectables & Curiosities. Sales conducted at the Auction Hall every Saturday & Sunday. Pre auction sales from Monday to Thursday & Saturday. Friday weekly holiday.

Auction Hall Shifted to No.4, Norton Road , Mandaveli (Near Mandaveli Bus Stand), Chennai 600 028.

PHONE : +91 (44) 2495-2437,
             +91 (44) 2495-0881
             +91 9790922437

This link takes you to the Property page.
Auction sale of Land & Buildings, Movable assets like Jewellery, Machines, Vehicles, and Office equipments, for recovery of dues. Sales conducted at the premises of the principals or at the site. Sunday weekly holiday.

PHONE : +91 (44) 2534-1748,              +91 (44) 2534-0612
FAX : +91 (44) 2535-9083
Email :

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